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APP is a company ded­i­cat­ed to producing publications to the highest stan­dards of modern publishing technology – on budget, on time – every time.  
Formed almost 30 years ago to produce quality regional pub­li­ca­tions for the Royal Institute of British Architects, the company has grown to encompass local authority pub­lish­ing throughout the UK and now has an impressive client base ranging through the whole spec­trum, of UK business, professional, commercial and industrial sectors. 
No matter how good the words, pictures, graphics or layout the final appearance of any publication depends on the quality of printing process.  
The pre-press studio in which APP’s publications are prepared is equipped with the most advanced technology. to ensure the ultimate quality of the printed publication.  
APP has an approved list of printers, carefully vetted for quality and the ability to produce publications to a tight schedule. Because of the good relations we have with them, our printers are able to offer very competitive rates for providing top grade workmanship.  
This, of course, is just one of many factors contributing to the competitive cost of the total package we can offer clients for producing superb quality publications.
Despite the marvels of electronic information technology, print remains the best medium for imparting information, and knowledge in a permanent and easily retrievable format. However, the use of IT is advancing and APP, a go ahead company, is not being left behind as a computer literate society becomes aware of the business advantages to be obtained from global exposure through electronic media such as the Internet. We have added facilities and skills to our versatile publishing house which will enable us to offer a new range of services to clients.  
APP now focuses on the functionality of IT rather than the novelty, supporting and developing the latest operating systems dedicated to offering IT solutions.  
We have integrated our skills in the publishing sector with our graphics knowledge and methodical approach to database and networking management and can now offer our clients effective, reliable exposure in this new era of communication.
"No Cost" Publishing
Many publications can be produced at no cost or little cost to the client.  
“No cost publishing” taken literally is simply not true. Even though state-of-the-art com­put­er­ised tech­nol­o­gy can produce superb print quality at surprisingly low cost, ob­vi­ous­ly there is a cost and someone must pay for it. In the case of “no cost” publishing, ad­vertis­ing covers the cost of the pub­li­ca­tion and can make a profit for the publisher according to the terms agreed. When this route is taken it is essential that the client has total confidence in the business ethics of the publisher and the methods used by the in house sales team assigned to market the ad­ver­tis­ing.  
When a client considers that ad­ver­tis­ing is  
ac­cept­able in a particular pub­li­ca­tion our professional ad­ver­tis­ing executives will assess the potential of the publication to attract advertising revenue.  
This will be discussed fully with the client, together with any reservations there may be on what type of advertiser or ad­ver­tis­ing will not be ac­cept­able. A contract will be drawn up defining the precise financial terms acceptable to both parties for defraying the costs of a publication, its quality, the number of pages of text, type of paper and covers, graphics, colour illustrations, the number of copies to be delivered.
Advertising Sales Space
Our in-house sales team will research and diligently market the available space using the same high ethical standards as were applied during ne­go­ti­a­tions with the client. In some cases, local councils for example, our sales team may work from the client’s of­fic­es.  
Oth­er­wise they will work from our head office, dis­trict sales office or sales points in areas  
rel­e­vant to the publication.  
At APP we pride our­selves on maintaining an ethical approach at every stage of our contact with clients and ad­ver­tis­ers which continues up to the hassle-free production and delivery of a high quality publication. The enviable reputation which we enjoy as a fair dealing, quality  
pub­lish­ing house was built on this policy – our future success depends on main­tain­ing these high standards in all our dealings with future clients.  
Quality Production
Does it feel good – does it look good? The words inside a book or brochure may be golden, the  
il­lus­tra­tions colourful and the message inspiring but those first overall impressions, formed before a word of any publication is read, can be critical to success.  
At APP, we believe in TOTAL quality – high quality print, full colour il­lus­tra­tions, graphics, error free text, well packaged to make our clients proud to present the pub­li­ca­tion to the pub­lic.  
Quality of layout – our production team specialises in pre­senting your in­formation or message in the best possible style to suit the product – directories with readability and accuracy, mar­keting material radiating punch and be­lief in the product, company reports, trade and professional association publications displaying dignity and au­thor­i­ty. 
Quality of illustrations – state-of-the-art  
com­put­er­ised technology in our stu­dio ensures superb quality photo il­lus­tra­tions which are chosen and dis­played with artistic flair. Dy­nam­ic or com­pli­cat­ed layout instructions are  
in­ter­pret­ed with pin-point accuracy. Graphics can be produced to your in­struc­tions or designed in our well equipped studio.  
Quality of text – our writers can, if necessary, provide clear, concise writing of original words, edit your own words to a high professional standard, or advise on how to give your publication that extra touch of class.

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